Otterbein is a place where your faith and your wondering are welcome and respected.

Office of Religious & Spiritual Life

Location: 24 N Grove Street – inside Church of the Master United Methodist

Please contact Rev. Lucy Kelly, Director of Faith and Spiritual Life, at for questions concerning religious and spiritual life at 澳门开奖现场.

About Faith & Spiritual Life at Otterbein

  • Otterbein is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, and the majority of students who identify a faith are Christian. We鈥檝e got all kinds鈥擟atholics and Protestants, from mainline denominations, evangelical denominations, and independent churches.
  • We also have students who are Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Pagan there are organizations to support them and provide community.
  • We have students who identify as Atheists and a lot of students who identify as “nones” in regard to religious preference.
  • We want every student to consider big questions and learn to make meaning from experiences.
  • We want every student to learn from people who share their faith and from those who have very different perspectives.
  • At Otterbein, spirituality and reflection are for everyone!

Worship Opportunities

  • There are lots of churches who are delighted to welcome students within walking distance of campus!
  • Church of the Master United Methodist Church is our partner in ministry and located across the street from Towers Hall. They do a lot for students and provide a warm and welcoming place to worship.
  • St. Paul鈥檚 Catholic Church is about a mile from campus, and students who are part of the Otterbein Catholic Student Ministry organization car pool there each week for mass.
  • Other churches are close by, too: Baptist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian and non-denominational churches are ready to welcome students for worship. Some students go a bit farther to church, and are willing to provide transportation.
  • There is a Mosque near campus (and a masjid on campus for daily prayer); there鈥檚 a Jewish synagogue in Worthington, a Buddhist temple in Columbus and a Hindu Temple in Lewis Center.聽