Energy and matter. Time and Space. Fields, particles and wavefunctions. Learn about the fundamental nature of the universe.

Physics at 澳门开奖现场

Embrace the Why!听Physics is the most basic and fundamental science, and it supplies much of the听conceptual and technical frameworks for chemistry, engineering, astronomy, biology, and neuroscience. It听provides the deepest answers to questions about the natural world that begin with 鈥渨hy.鈥 Its influence听on civilization has been profound, leading to revolutions in the way we see the world as well as a nearly听endless array of technical innovations. At Otterbein you can gain a solid grounding in fundamental听science while exploring applications in a diverse range of areas, from particle physics to cosmology to听practical problems in engineering and applied science.听

We offer the B.A. in Physics and the B.S. in Engineering Physics, as well as a minor in Physics. Students听work in a rigorous but supportive environment, getting immediate access to professors and research听opportunities to prepare them for future graduate work or technical careers.

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Student, Faculty, & Alumni Spotlights


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“Studying Physics at Otterbein really pushed me to new heights in my challenging academic career, because it is unlike any other subject that you can study. Physics is not only interesting on its own, it has given me a much deeper understating of other sciences I am interested in. The experience in problem solving and critical thinking has also been really helpful.”

Olivia Smith ’22

Chemistry Major, Physics Minor

(L to R) Physics scholars Heather Tanner ’20 and Olivia Smith ’22 are shown here at the 2020 Conference on Undergraduate Women in Physics.


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“You really get to know the faculty and they are completely invested in your success. The career options for physics are so wide, there is grad school, research, industry, teaching, science policy, science communication, and more.”

Alex Robarge ’22

Physics Major

Our innovative 鈥淐omputing Across the Curriculum鈥 initiative incorporates simulation, computational methods, and programming throughout all core physics courses, providing you with the practical skills needed to tackle real problems, not just textbook ones.

The world needs Physics teachers! Otterbein is a member of the PhysTEC consortium, and supports students interested in secondary physics education鈥 in multiple ways. The McCloy Fellowship offers opportunities to teach physics, mentoring with in-service teachers, and membership in professional societies.鈥

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“The community in the physics department鈥 was especially unmatched. Having the space to work in the advanced lab was fantastic. As students, we were able to work collaboratively in a space that really felt like our own and with the faculty nearby for asking questions. This environment really helped me discover what I was capable of.”

Keegan Orr ’18

Engineering Physics Major
One of a select group of recipients of the highly competitive National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship, Keegan is now a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at Ohio State University.


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“Otterbein Physics is dedicated to preparing the physicists, astronomers, and educators of tomorrow and ensuring that they practice collaboration rather than competition. At Otterbein, I developed not only a love of physics but a love of teaching physics and passing my enthusiasm onto my peers, students, and friends.”

Evan Heintz ’16

Physics Major
Evan is now a Ph.D. student in physics at the University of Wisconsin


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“All the faculty knew my name and had a genuine interest in my experience in the program and career interests. The professors at Otterbein also did a great job acting on feedback and took student鈥檚 interests and goals into account when devising curriculum for upper-level courses. It added up to create a real sense of community where you felt valued and your future interests (be it PhD or otherwise) were considered.”

John Brandon ’17

Physics Major
John is now a nuclear safety and accident analysis engineer at Amentum

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Recent Otterbein graduates have gone on to post-graduate work in physics, engineering, law, applied mathematics, and astronomy, as well as work in engineering, H.S. teaching, consulting, finance, and business.

Dr. David Robertson

Professor of Physics, Department of Engineering, Computer Science, & Physics

Physics is a great starting point for careers in almost any area. That鈥檚 because it prepares you to solve hard problems, to think critically, and to learn new things. Otterbein鈥檚 emphasis on the liberal arts and sciences will also ensure that you are well rounded and able to communicate your ideas in diverse ways.


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Uwe Trittmann recently authored a textbook on astronomy, Discovering the Expanding Universe. The book emphasizes the history of astronomy, and much of the research for it was carried out in visits to important sites in Europe.

Dr. Uwe Trittmann

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David Robertson has built computational tools for particle physics that are in use around the world, including in analyses at the Large Hadron Collider. He was Otterbein鈥檚 Teacher of the Year in 2017, and plays oboe and English horn in the Westerville Symphony.鈥

Dr. David Robertson

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Program Features & Student Opportunities in Physics

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We recognize and invest in talent through research funding and scholarships to fuel discovery and learning.鈥嬧

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Teaching and Mentoring

Developing relationships with faculty who help you grow into a better version of yourself is a smarter way to learn.

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We are innovators. Go beyond the classroom by working on cutting-edge problems in particle physics and astrophysics.鈥

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Physics Facilities


Explore the state-of-the-art Science Center and its 96,000 square feet of laboratories, research spaces, and classrooms.鈥

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Physics Student Organizations

Student organizations

Join the Otterbein STEM community, contribute to science outreach, and develop as a leader. 鈥

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Physics Travel Experiences

Travel Experiences

We are explorers. Push your boundaries as you travel the United States and the world. 鈥

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National Media Recognize 澳门开奖现场 for Programs and Values

News - September 18, 2023
澳门开奖现场 has been collecting honors this fall, as it is recognized in national publications for its programs and values, including U.S. News & World Report, Colleges of Distinction, and Washington Monthly. US News & World Report 澳门开奖现场 has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report for its academic excellence, commitment to undergraduate teaching, and focus on affordability, student success outcomes, and experiential learning. In the 2024 Best Colleges rankings by U.S. News & World Report, Otterbein has鈥

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Otterbein Marching Band

Fast Track Innovation Fund Lets Community Shape Otterbein鈥檚 Growth

News - July 31, 2023
澳门开奖现场 is using an innovative approach to grow enrollment and revenue by 鈥渃rowd sourcing鈥 ideas from its own community and investing in the best ideas with $1 million approved by the Board of Trustees. Under the Fast Track Innovation Fund initiative, seven projects proposed by Otterbein faculty and staff in May have been funded and are already being implemented on campus. 鈥淭his investment in Otterbein鈥檚 future demonstrates our trustees鈥 commitment to allowing every member of our community to be heard鈥

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Otterbein Receives Choose Ohio First Grant for Cardinal STEMM Scholars Program

News - April 6, 2021
澳门开奖现场 has received a Choose Ohio First (COF) grant from the State of Ohio and the Department of Higher Education (ODHE) to increase the number of Ohio residents completing postsecondary studies in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) and STEMM education.  鈥淐hoose Ohio First provides an excellent opportunity for those students who stay in Ohio and continue their education to get the skills they need to succeed in promising career fields,鈥 Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor Randy鈥

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Programs of Study in Physics

Physics/Engineering 3+2 Cooperative Degree



B.S. in Engineering Physics


Engineering Physics

Physics Degree with Teaching Licensure

Degree + License

Physics Degree with Teaching License

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Minor in Physics

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