The Perfect Pairing. El complemento perfecto. Le compl茅ment parfait. Our major and minors work beautifully in tandem with any other major at Otterbein to open pathways for thinking and viewing others from the perspective of a different language and culture.

Department of Modern Languages & Cultures

In teaching language, we work in highly interactive and learning-centered contexts to develop your ability to ask and answer the critical questions that make language, history, culture, and society meaningful. We further immerse you in the learning of a modern language and culture through study abroad, co-curricular international travel, service learning, internship, and undergraduate research.


The University and the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures award a number of scholarships for students studying French and/or Spanish. Study abroad scholarships are also available. These awards recognize and celebrate academic excellence in the modern languages at Otterbein, as well as encourage students to sharpen fluency in the target language, develop deeper relationships with the people, and foster mutual understanding.

At the heart of our mission is the transformative power of learning how to communicate with others in the larger world, understand them, and then embrace the paradox of how we are both different and the same.